I-Rovers Live Cam’s

I-Rovers Live Cam’s are great fun. We are Pattaya’s most active sports bar and now stream live EVERY darts Game played in the bar via LK-Metro.com. We also have cams viewing all the live activities in both directions of Soi LK Metro. Streaming 24 hours a day, don’t miss any of the LIVE action as it happens.

We are actively involved in the Darts & Pool leagues in Pattaya. Our teams are involved the Pattaya Darts & Pool Competition EVERY night of the week, so no matter what your ability, if you live in Pattaya or are just visiting and love a game of Darts or Pool, come down to I-Rovers Sports Bar and have a great night playing some sports and meet some great new friends.

Darts League is organised by www.pattayadarts.com

Please be patient waiting for the LIVE Video Feed to load. It takes around 20 seconds to connect to the cameras.

I-Rovers Soi Buakao

I-Rovers Soi Diana

I-Rovers Darts Cam